Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Encyclopedia of Celtic Wisdom

By Caitlín Matthews, John Matthews - Element (1996) - Paperback - 456 pages - ISBN 1852307862

In this stunning gift edition, Celtic experts Caitlin and John Matthews present inspirational primary material, rich in ancient wisdom, lore, and mythology. For readers who are fascinated by Celtic traditions, and spiritual heritage, this unique reference introduces several new translations of powerful Celtic literature, including stories, poems, and visionary writing -- many dating from the 7th century.Brimming with invaluable ancestral knowledge and previously unavailable texts, this invaluable sourcebook offers readers a rare insight into shamanic memory, druidic divination and prophecy, shape-shifting myths, stories about soul loss and restoration, legendary magic, and healing traditions.

$15 includes shipping anywhere inside the Continental US

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